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Vegetable salad with avocado
Fresh vegetable salad with soft avocado, served with branded salad sauce dressing
Chuka seaweed salad
Chuka seaweed salad with a sauce of cashew nuts
Tuna Blue Fin salad with pasta kimchi
Sharp "Tar-tar" from the noble tuna Blue Fin and the burning vegetable paste Kimchi, with a cap made of red caviar
Salad with scallop
Fried in a balsamic cream scallop laid out on a salad mix with orange and grapefruit slices, dressed on the basis of olive oil, with the addition of honey and citrus fruit
Salad with shrimp
Layer salad vegetables Masago caviar sauce, a layer of soft avocado and generous cap of shrimp salad. It is poured with a tart sweetish sauce Teriyaki
Seafood salad
Fried spicy tiger shrimps, squid, scallop and salmon are served on a vegetable cushion with salad dressing
Salad with eel, chicken teriyaki and Japanese omelette
Salad with eel, chicken teriyaki and Japanese omelette
Warm salad with salmon
Slices of salmon, fried in a sweet sauce Teriyaki, laid out on a pillow of fresh vegetables
Warm salad with octopus
Warm salad with octopus fried in sweet and sour sauce scallops, shrimps, mussels, on a cushion of arugula, basil and celery
Chinese crispy salad with funchoza and peanuts
New! Cabbage, cucumber, carrots, sweet pepper, funchoza, garlic-ginger mixture, crab soy sauce, fried peanuts
Thai salad with chicken and squid rings
New! Chicken, Peking cabbage, cucumber, red onion, carrots with Sweet Thai Chili sauce and deep-fried crisp squid rings
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