Delivery in Murmansk:
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Banana tempura
Pieces of banana, fried in lush sweet tempura, served on a strawberry plate with cherry sauce
Dumplings with cherries
Dumplings with cherries and sprinkled with cherry sauce
Dumplings with apple and cinnamon
Fried crispy dumplings with tender apple-cinnamon stuffing are served with a special cream sauce
Marzipan roll
Thin apple and mango straw with fresh strawberry / kiwi slices, tender cream cheese - and all this in a thin marzipan dough. The dessert is served with apple demi glaze
Cheesecake New York
Classic cheesecake. Served with cherry and vanilla sauces
Chocolate Cheesecake
A delicate chocolate cheesecake with a very mild sweet taste, served under vanilla sauce
Apples tempura
Rings of a green apple are roasted in sweet Japanese batter until golden brown, sprinkled with cinnamon and served with a gentle cream sauce
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